Helping to expand Code Club with Build Quality In

Code Club does fantastic work with young people in the UK and around the world, helping 9-11 year olds to get to grips with writing and running software. We’re very proud to support the work of Code Club; the majority of the royalties from Build Quality In (70%) go to support Code Club.


So we were thrilled to get this wonderful message from Code Club:

Dear Steve and Matthew,

I’m Kate, the Partnerships Manager for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, of which Code Club is a key educational programme. I wanted to get in touch and thank you both for your continued support of Code Club back via the sales of Build Quality In on Leanpub.

The monthly donation we receive as part of your sales helps us continue to provide and improve our sector-leading curriculum, train and support volunteers and ultimately put digital making in the hands of as many children as possible. We now have close to 5,000 active clubs in the UK with almost 4,000 more registered internationally.

Your continued generosity helps our charity with this work and for that we are very grateful.

All best wishes,

You can support Code Club by donating, partnering, or sponsoring (via JustGiving), and of course by buying a copy of Build Quality In!

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