Rob Lambert and Lyndsay Prewer

Rob Lambert and Lyndsay Prewer

Rob Lambert

I’m an Engineering Manager at NewVoiceMedia helping to build truly awe inspiring cloud based contact centres.
I am the author of Remaining Relevant, a book about remaining relevant and employable in today’s shifting industry. (If you’re looking for a job in software testing then this book should be right up your street..if I say so myself)
I am also the author of loads of test related content from books, to magazines to newspaper articles.
When I’m not at work, writing about testing or speaking at conferences I am volunteering my time for not-for-profit organizations working in the ICT4D sector.
I’m helping to define software testing for the modern age by challenging stereotypes and defining new way of organizing and managing testing. Through my curiosity for how things are done and my deep passion for finding new ways of doing things I am slowly bringing about change in the testing world.

Lyndsay Prewer

Lyndsay is one of NewVoiceMedia’s Engineering Managers (DevOps). He’s passionate about helping people, teams and products become even more awesome. A former rocket-scientist, over the last two decades he’s helped ten companies in two hemispheres improve their agility, build, test and deployment processes.

  1. How did you get involved in Continuous Delivery?
    We got involved with Continuous Delivery because of a natural evolution of our release process. We needed to get features out to our customers quickly so we had to evolve the release process to facilitate this. It was no good being able to create software rapidly if there was no way to release it to our live environments so we started to optimise our entire build and delivery mechanism.

  2. What do you see as the biggest advantage of Continuous Delivery?
    The biggest advantage of Continuous Delivery is the ability to release small incremental changes rapidly and then get feedback on these changes. This short feedback loop ensures our customers get the right features quickly and with minimal wasted development time. Features being used in a live environment by real customers is the ultimate feedback as to whether you’ve built the right thing in the right way and Continuous Delivery helps us to achieve this.

  3. What do you see as the biggest challenge in Continuous Delivery?
    The biggest challenge in Continuous Delivery is in creating a safe, predictable, efficient and careful way to deploy software in to live with minimal impact on our customer’s service. Releasing often means frequent disruptions to your customers if the Continuous Delivery process is not effective so controlling a frequent release process and then optimising it can often be the first challenge when moving to Continuous Delivery.

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